Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Knitting for Grandma

My beautiful Grandma will turn 90 years old this year. She is a beautiful, joyful lady who has recently had vision issues. She is now classified as vision impaired and the one thing that she enjoyed immensely in life, knitting and crochet, she can no longer do. She finds it hard to watch the TV and reading is out. She is incredibly bored and I am looking for projects to amuse her. I thought perhaps knitting an old style string bag, as they require large needles thus large stitches. She already has a very large magnifying glass but she still finds regular knitting too challenging. It is such a shame to let such a talent for knitting go to waste and also to let her brilliant mind sit so unused, merely because of her eyes. My boys just love her and jump and clap in excitement if we talk of visiting her. I would love to give her this gift, so any help or suggestions for other projects would be greatly appreciated.

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