Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My boys

The days have seemed so much quieter constant 5 year old questions, the "mummy, can we build a machine out of blocks that makes a cage to trap a tiger?, Where is the North Pole? Why do they need a South Pole? Is Steve Irwin happy in heaven?"........ I miss his quirky little grin and the constant "just trickin' mum". There is however, if I listen carefully, a new sound emerging. It started out ever so quietly and is getting louder each day. Master Sam, quiet, two word Sam, is using full sentences and noticing a whole new world around him. It is so wonderful! He is starting to see the benefit of having my complete attention. Well, until 3pm when a whole new order of questions begin!!

1 comment:

MELANIE said...

I can just hear Harry asking those questions in true Harry style!! Hilarious! Sam will be a new little man when he gets back here!!