Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our trip to Wooli, NSW

Happy New Year!!! Isn't it glorious to have another wonderful year ahead of us! We certainly enjoyed our end to last year and start to this one. We went camping in Northern NSW with my brothers and their families and my mum. It was great to see the little cousins all running around playing together. It brought back memories of special holidays with my own cousins. The camp ground was pretty basic but a lovely spot with the river on one side and the beach the other. We did have a couple of bright, sunny days but mainly overcast ones. It was still lovely. My brothers have certainly put a new spin on 'camping' for me. They usually do things all out or not at all, and camping is no exception. We drove onto the beach and made day camps, had toys, bikes, motorised cars and even a jumping castle....yes, a bloody jumping castle!!! The kids had a ball together. Kevin even got to try his hand at deap sea fishing with my brother Grant and managed to catch some too!
I will let the following images explain the rest to you and hope that you have all had an exciting start to your year. If not, remember that there is still a whole year to go to fill with wonderful, exciting moments. I will hopefully go back to daily posts, maybe every couple of days if we get too boring. I hope you Canadians are enjoying the snow for me - I am really missing winter this year!

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