Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A date with the Vacuum and Mop

Here it is Thursday again, my day all to myself. It is such a lovely feeling dropping off the boys to their schools knowing they are looking forward to enjoying their day. It certainly makes it easier to enjoy mine! I decided today to have a date with the vacuum and steam mop. I have successfully cleaned Mum's 2 storey house and I enjoyed it. (Did any of you fall off your chairs??) For those of you who don't know me all that well, I am not a cleaner. I wouldn't say that my house is filthy or unkept, however I do struggle to want to clean, and I do just what has to be done. Today I thought I would practice something I was reading in a great book "The Witch of Portbobello" by Paul Coelho...."Everything is worship if your mind is focused on the present moment." It also goes on to say about appreciating things like the dishes in the sink. Those dirty dishes mean, you had food enough to feed your family, dishes with which to serve that food, food you were able to prepare with love, for people you are blessed to love etc etc. I thought I would apply this thought to the cleaning of the whole house. I could look at it as some quality time for my mind. It doesn't take much thought to push a vacuum around, therefore freeing my mind for other things. I tried to focus on breathing deeply and appreciating the luxury of having a house to clean, especially with all that is happening in Victoria. Our lives really are blessed if we just take the time to appreciate them. Cleaning really has been a 'chore' for me, whereas today it took on a certain pleasure.

The afternoon had a different kind of pleasure. The kind I get from seeing my boys enjoying being outside, playing and the excitement of Daddy's arrival home to an impromptu game of cricket.

Building Ant 'houses'

Now this is how you hold it Sam..

Like this daddy?

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