Monday, February 23, 2009


Wow, how time passes!! I apologise it has been so long since writing. We have had a busy week and especially busy weekend, visiting friends and family, generally having a great time. You wouldn't believe that I forgot my camera the entire weekend though would you!!! Disgraceful I know!!!!
Sam and I had a great day today. Tuesday morning was swimming which, is always fun, especially the free play before the lesson. I never tire of looking at my little mans gorgeous bum! It really is cute. Before class this morning though, a funny thing happened with Sam. Well, maybe I should give you a little background first. For those of you that don't know the kids very well, Harrison is a master wooden building block builder. His creations are wonderful and Sam has never had much interest, until this morning that is. It is so exciting seeing him emerge from his brothers shadow. Not that his shadow isn't a great place to be, but Sam's independence and imagination certainly has more room to grow.

I also had an exciting afternoon. I found some hidden treasure in my mums closet. In the back of the cupboard in a tartan box, was my grandmothers jewelry. Now to some it may not seem that exciting but to me, it was an instant transportation into the past, full of fond memories and a true appreciation for times past. In the midst of my grandmothers stuff were two necklaces that were hand made and belonged to my great-grandmother. It is so amazing to still have this precious piece of the past and it doesn't look half bad either!!!
This morning we were walking past a thrift store we like to call Vinnie's and I couldn't help myself, I had to stop in. Mum is a great thrifter and kept bringing me clothes to try on!!! I walked out with 3 new pieces of clothing for under $15 - gotta love that! I got a cute little dress that will go brilliantly with my new found necklaces. Happy days......

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Gail Chartres said...

Hi Stace:
Sure was a great find of your gg's jewellery box. The dress looks really cute too.
Are your Dad's blocks everywhere? Good job Sammy!
Also the pool looks so inviting, cool pix again.
Love Gail/Grandma