Tuesday, February 10, 2009


One of my focal points since arriving in Australia, has been to get fit. It all started with yoga and my utter, sheer enjoyment for it. I love, love, love my teacher Renee. She has a real knack for explaining and every time I go to class it is like she designed it especially for me! For those who live in the Sandgate area, Renee teachers her classes at Viroga Yoga Studio. Here is a link to their website. I have also started doing Sun Salutations in the mornings. Something I have always wanted to do but not being a morning person, have never gotten around to. The boys have been waking up at 6am since we arrived and after months of fighting it, I decided to give in. Mainly because (fancy this!) when you wake up at 6am, I am able to get so much done!!!!! Amazing I know, that I have only just caught on to this revelation, but better late than never....right?!
So I have decided that my all round fitness could use a bit of an overhaul. I started out small with walks and bike rides along the waterfront. I have now progressed to riding where ever I can and as soon as it cools down a bit, I will start riding with Harry to school (Sam will have to go in the bike seat - it is too far for his beautiful, chubby little legs). I also decided whilst Sam was at swimming lessons that I might try my hand at swimming laps *gasp* yes, that is right, swimming laps! I invited my sister-in-law (a big fitness expert) to join me to assist each other in the child minding factor. Today was our first day and I survived. I didn't sink like I imagined and I did 10 laps of a 50 metre pool. You have no idea what an accomplishment that was for me. I felt like doing a little jig....ok, you know I did actually do the jig, and then felt like throwing up!! (Now, does all this excerise count if I then came home and had a 'nana-nap' with Sam?!?!?!?!?) I didn't bother taking photos of my dismal swimming style - I will leave that up to your imagination!!

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MELANIE said...

CONGRATS on the swimming, SIL. Not my cup of tea so I give you a lot of credit! It's SOOOOOOO good for you:)