Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rest is best

Wednesdays are always lovely and today was no exception. Although it was only Cath and I for baby group, we had such a nice morning. The Lagoon at Redcliffe is a really wonderful public asset. A great place to take the kids for a swim in a safe environment. There is also a fantastic shaded playground. The boys played for 2 hours and Cath and I got to chat, share our knitting adventures and, all that was missing really, was a nice cuppa tea! (I apologise for not taking the camera this morning but after having some moles removed yesterday I was feeling a little sore and sorry for myself and couldn't manage to carry very much.)
Today I decided to try out my newly aquired skirt and I have to say, I rather like it. It is one of those pieces that works for so many things and is incredibly comfortable. And the best part of all, was that one Grandma's necklaces went with it perfectly!

Tonight, I feel the need to rest. I am not supposed to exercise for 2 weeks which will certainly put a dent in my daily yoga routine. However, as a very wise and beautiful pregnant lady pointed out to me today, I have the next 2 weeks to rest and reflect. I can then return to yoga with new enthusiasm when my body has healed. So for now, I will concentrate on finishing the nappy soaker pants that I am knitting for Cath's new arrival. I also have a few other projects on the go that I haven't had time to time like the restful present!!

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