Thursday, February 19, 2009


My brother and his family, gave us tickets to Seaworld for Christmas. He also made this lovely gesture to my other brother and his family. We all decided to go together and stay over night for maximum enjoyment!! The kids loved it! What a great way for them to learn whilst having fun.

We started the day with the dolphin show and I am still in awe at the grace, strength and beauty of this animal. We went on a few rides to give the kids a bit of an energy release, then off to Shark Bay. What a cool thing this was. You can view the massive pool from the top and then go down for an underwater view. It was a floor to ceiling 'fish tank', cool and so peaceful. I think the kids enjoyed it in there the most. They calmed down and were content to look at all the sharks, rays and fish. I wonder how I could get one of those at my house!

We also looked in on the Polar Bear who was sleeping most of the day. My niece pleaded with us to look in again just before we left to see if he had woken, "he's my friend" she said. And what do you know, he had woken up and was swimming and playing with his toys. Again, a remarkable animal and so graceful in the water. Astonishing and heart wrenching at the same time, to be able to view a wild animal so closely.

There was much more time spent in the pool, more rides, water ski shows and more, more, more. It is lovely to see the kids developing such strong bonds with their cousins. Hopefully the memories they create in moments like these, will stay with them over the years. Two days of full on excitement and wonder. It certainly was a lovely way to spend a couple of days. Great company, great family and a great time.

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MELANIE said...

Wow!! What an awesome trip!! Uncle Ron and Auntie Lan can't gt overhow BIG our nephews are getting! How lucky they are to have all of these cool experiences...I will be sure to tell H's class about the Shark Bay!