Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crafting and packing

Thursday we had another crafty day. Harry was working on a farewell card for his teacher as it was the last day of Kindergarten and Sam was cutting. My little darling has never been super interested in drawing but give that boy a pair of scissors or in this case, a cutter and he will sit for hours!! I gave him pieces of scrap paper from the recycling and he had a blast!! He noticed after a little while that he was making different shapes depending on the angle of the paper so it was even an educational experience. It allowed me to spend time with Harry and help him with his letters. I even got to sit and knit. Happy days.

We had another visitor in the back field last night, a friendly one this time. A lovely deer and some beautiful wild flowers .

We are leaving this morning to go camping in Salmo and to play in the ball tournament. I am really looking forward to the exercise, the sun and spending quality time with my family. Kevin purchased a fishing rod and we are hoping to teach the kids to fish in the nearby creek. My lovely husband bought me this cool stainless wine goblet especially for the trip. Thanks honey! Harry is always super excited about camping and made sure he had his favourite books and toys ready to go. He helped me carry the many things we needed out to the camper and the aroma of the blossoming lavender along the path made the activity that much sweeter.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I will be back Monday with an update!


MELANIE said...

Hope you guys are having (had) an awesome weekend and I really hope we can catch up one day this week!! Mmmmm lavender and I love Sammy's cutting creations!!

MELANIE said...

ps...BEAUTIFUL pic of the deer!!!

j9 said...

Oh the deer brings me straight back to our travels around the West Coast, we spent many an evening and morning surrounded by deers - it was beautiful just sitting and watching them.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend away. luv janine

gardenmama said...

Sweet photos!
I hope you had a lovely trip, what a great idea to have a stainless wine goblet for camping! pretty fancy : )

Michelle said...

These photos are just what I needed tonight...the deer, the lavender, the craftiness :-)

Have a wonderful trip...can't wait to read all about your adventures!!