Monday, June 1, 2009

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Last night I was running late making something for dinner and with Kevin's parents soon to arrive I had to think of something quick. I remembered the big jar of roasted red peppers I had bought and also this post by Julie for Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. I cheated a little by using the jar (Julie roasted her own) but it made it quicker. I will definately roast my own next time though. It turned out really well and I highly recommend it to you all. I also added a sprinkling of feta and used chilli spices instead of real chillies. So for a very quick and healthy meal, complimented by a spinach salad, I think we did pretty well. We ate outside and enjoyed the beautiful Spring weather. How about you? Do you have any quick and healthy receipes to share?

Tonight Kevin was at rugby training. (Yes, you read that correctly, I said rugby training). In Canada you ask? I guess it is really no stranger than Kevin playing hockey in Australia!! There are quite a few teams playing in this area and Kevin is enjoying the high level of fitness required to play. The training is at supper time though so dinner is always a casual affair these night. Seeing dinner was so yummy last night, the kids and I decided to have it again. As you can see by the boys faces they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Before dinner we decided to make some labels for the boys toy bins. Although I am not overly excited about the plastic containers, they were handed down by the boys big cousins, so in effect are being recycled. We had a lot of fun making the labels and it will make clean up time a lot easier for Sam. Sam enjoyed getting the tape ready and Harry liked placing the stickers 'just so'. Speaking of Harry, he is really into dinosaurs, as I am sure most boys his age are. I thought I would share some other dinosaur images from his room. Enjoy!

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