Monday, June 29, 2009

A camping kind of weekend

Oh what a weekend....full of sunshine and good times. There was a creek running beside the camp ground and it was beautiful. We unfortunately did not have time for fishing but there was so much else to do.

I didn't realise how much a part of my life sport was. To give you some back ground, growing up on a 310 acre farm with the closest neighbours kilometers away, sport started for me as a social thing and then became so much more. I spent the whole weekend at the softball grounds (or the grass hockey fields in the winter). Competitive sport was an outlet for my frustrations and a place I could be honest and true, even if I didn't fully understand it at the time. Being able to fully express myself in such a medium, truly was a positive influence in my life. Being back on the ball field this weekend really was a rush for me. The challenge, the excitement, the thrill, the exercise (something I have ashamedly been lacking of late!) was brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was also lovely to camp and hang out with the team as well, making the experience all the more pleasant. Our children all got along so well and nothing makes this momma prouder than seeing kids outside playing and having fun. From all of this emerged an ever present theme with Sam that really is impossible to ignore.....he is a sport fanatic. All weekend he carried around a glove, ball and bat....."play ball now mummy?" And if he wasn't doing that, he had a soccer ball and net at hand.

When we returned home Sam found Harry's old roller blades and begged to put them on. Within minutes with his pure determination he was off skating and ready to be a hockey guy.

I think I can.....

I think I can.....

A hockey guy I am said Sam-I-am!
Last night we had the pleasure of visiting our friends. Kevin was able to go for a mountain bike ride with Dave and Leah and I set off on a horse ride. Alex looked after the boys and a great time was had by all. One of the most pleasant parts was relaxing on their deck afterwards enjoying the beautiful summer night. Alex and the boys even had a unique way to spend their evening reading by torch light under the stars. Truly happy days.

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