Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A quiet day at home....

After a truly exhausting weekend of work I spent this morning at home with the boys and what a joy it was. Crafting in the morning finishing off special pictures for Mamma June's birthday.
Harry is still going with his dinosaur theme and was using one of his many dinosaur books for inspiration. Sam is practicing his letters and enjoying the freedom of doodling. They both take a lot of pride in their special art books and really enjoy looking back through their pictures.

In the afternoon Harry went to play with his big cousin and Sam and I happily stayed home. I had many household chores to attack and Sam was visiting with his beloved chickens. There is something so comforting and gentle about his interactions with the birds. They certainly enjoy the buckets of scratch he brings for them too! I think he spent about an hour with them today, just talking and hanging out with them. Even though he can not communicate in words how he feels, his actions speak loud enough. I love that he enjoys them so much and he is developing such a beautiful, gentle side.

On the subject of Sam, today he decided he was going to be Diego (from the television show 'Go Diego Go'- I rarely let the kids watch tv but they both love this show. It does teach a bit of Spanish and a love for animals so I guess it isn't all bad!!). Diego is an animal rescuer and there were many animals rescued here today. Whenever Harry and I addressed him as Sam, he would very calmly remind us that his name was Diego "Mummy, say excuse me Diego, remember?". I love that he is using his imagination more every day. Harry and Sam are such different children and it is interesting to see how the two of them have developed their imaginations. I am thrilled that even though they are so different and have such different ways of getting to the same place, that they get along so well. What an exciting Summer we have ahead. Harry finishes Kindergarten tomorrow! Look out Summer holidays, here we come!


gardenmama said...

Sweet, sweet photo of your little guy holding the egg!!!
Enjoy your Summer, it looks like you are off to a great start!! : )

Michelle said...

What a wonderful day!

I think this is one of my favorite things about blogging...capturing the "ordinary" days-- the ones that contain the truly magical moments!

Isn't it wonderful how taking care of the chickens brings out the best nurturing instincts from the children?