Friday, June 19, 2009

A season for fun

People are often asking me here, why I would want to move to BC from such a beautiful place as Australia. This question is usually followed by the statement, “Oh, you must be a skier!?” I have to say the reason that I am so attracted to this beautiful part of the world is the seasons. Coming from sunny, hot Queensland to four distinct seasons, each with their own special gift. Fall would have to be my favourite season. With all its dramatic colours. Winter does have a special place in my heart too and yes, I do love to ski. I also love the atmosphere winter brings. Social gatherings move indoors and have a certain warmth about them. There is a restful period with lots of sleeping and snuggles. Spring brings with it a sense of urgency. Getting that garden ready and watching all the new life pushing its way into the sunlight. Then in summer...oh the excitement it brings. The long days and the frenzy of activities trying to soak up as many rays as possible and fitting as many things in as possible. It always seems extra crazy at our house as I generally work the Summer at the local golf course, night shifts so that neither parent is away from the children for too long. We still believe that even though things are tight, our first commitment is the kids. We want to raise them so this is the best thing for us. I am also working behind the scenes for my friend Leah over at Hope For Wellness as her virtual assistant. It is so exciting to learn more about something I so strongly believe in. With all the afore mentioned craziness I apologise for my lack of posts of late. I like to sit at the computer at night when the kids have gone to bed, however that is when I am working now. So whenever I get a chance to sit here I will squeeze as much into each post as possible!
Earlier this week on my night off, Kevin's sister Melanie came for dinner with Princess Arwynn. I can not believe that she is almost 2 and hasn't ended up in the tub with my two yet, but all was rectified this night. She loves her big cousins and really enjoyed the experience as you can tell from her signature cheeky grin. Harry couldn't resist 'hamming' it up for the camera either! I love bath time.

After bath and dinner we headed out to the back deck to enjoy the warm evening. Arwynn thoroughly enjoyed playing with the boys on the see-saw and Sam had to show off his new surfing moves!!

Tonight we had ball practice as next weekend we are in the Salmo ball tournament. It is always a fun way for the families to get out and exercise. The kids have a blast running a muck and at the end showed us adults how it is done. Sam is sooooooooooo into sport and gets frustrated with his little 3 year old body that it can't keep up with the big kids. I tell you what, in a few years, those big kids had better watch out! And Harry who usually doesn't do team sport, was out there loving it. He even had a monster of a hit. I wonder if he will still want to start karate or change to ball. We will see!

And last but not least, Michelle over at her lovely blog Earthy Crafty Mommy has given me a Watermelon Award (thanks Michelle - it is so much fun getting to know you). I get to share a list of 6 things that make me happy, so here goes:

1. My family and friends - I mean really, where would I be without them!

2. Yoga - I have always been interested in yoga and on this last trip to Australia going to classes under Renee at Viroga was transformational. It was like she was directing each class specifically for me, all the things I had practiced over the years finally made sense and I started practicing at home (something I had been struggling to maintain). Now I practice almost every morning and LOVE it. Thanks Renee!!

3. Music - although I have never studied music I picked up the guitar in my early 20's and have 'mucked' around with it ever since. I love messing around with the boys and 'jamming' to our own tune.

4. Nature - I love being outside whether in the garden, hiking a mountain or on the back of a horse on a trail. I always feel more grounded and stable after being outdoors.

5. Crafting - again, not something that comes naturally to me but I started exploring after Harry was born. I have learnt to knit and crochet a bit, am excited about learning to sew and getting crafty with the kids.

6. I love life!!!! Corny I know but I really am enjoying the ride. I have always been so hard on myself, trying to improve myself and figure out where I am going in this world. The more I stay grounded and relax into who I am, the more I enjoy everything around me.

Well, that is it for me for a few days. I hope you are happy and well and enjoying your 'ride'!!!! Oh I almost forgot, I now get to nominate some people for the Watermelon award:

1. Janine

2. Martine

3. And anyone one else who would like to play along I would love to get to know you and what you are loving right now.

Happy days!

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