Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Things I am loving today

Things I am loving today:
* Hope For Wellness - my friend Leah has just started a business balancing hormones. It is truly fascinating how much our hormones control our bodies and how empowering it is to learn how to maintain and balance them. Check it out!
* Music - Kevin bought some new guitar strings for me yesterday and while he was at the music store, the owner was giving away a slightly damaged guitar for free. The kids LOVE it and we have been having band practice every since.

* Yoga in my front room with the dog positioning himself right at the top of the mat, making sure I am doing it properly!!
* Far Away - Inspirations from Far East, a CD of beautiful Chinese bamboo flute music I picked up at the Southbank markets in Brisbane 10 years ago. I still love listening to it and it still stirs such powerful emotions in me.
* Our new garden path that my amazing husband and little helper Harry completed a few weekends back.
* The beauty outside right now! The flowers about to burst open, the strawberries soon to come, the colours everywhere all bright and sunny....what a beautiful world we live in.

* My little computer nook, located in the middle of the kitchen, the heart of our home and the place I seem to spend a large amount of time. I plan on making it look more 'pretty' (yikes, did I say that?!) but for now I am loving the comfort and location just as it is.

* Did anyone notice my new, lovely tea cup?? It was a present from my sister-in-law and I love it. It is so nice to have a special cup just for me. The tea tastes even better now - thanks Michelle!

* The return of my lush, green beautiful plant to our front room. Thanks to M.I.L and F.I.L for plant sitting while we were in Oz. He looks so handsome and how I have missed him.

I would love to know what things you are loving right is pretty fun too, to remind yourself of all the great things in your life right at this moment. Give it a go!


Michelle said...

Hi Stacey,
Thanks so much for visiting & introducing yourself! Wow, what an adventure you've been on!!

We love music here too, the picture of your boys with the instruments could just as easily be our guys :-)

Also loving... all the fun meeting new friends here in the blogosphere, our first real garden harvests, watching the strawberries turn red, and my boys' dirty feet when they come in from a day well spent outside :-)

Nice to "meet" you... I'll be following along with your adventures too!


MELANIE said...

Things I Am Loving Today...

1) Catching up on your blog!! I can't believe I am a month behind. I really love visiting it; especially because we have all been so busy with everything in our lives that at least I have these pictures and your great descriptions to keep me updated!

2)Ron and his visions for our new deck:
Unfortunately, he discovered it rotten, fortunately he knows how to fix it!

3) A puttering day of looking at old pics (some great ones of you!)and getting rid of doubles, fuzzy ones, etc. The nesting continues...

4) Laughing at Arwynn and her HILARIOUS antics: facial expressions, songs, frustration, temper (as I write this), and beautiful smile!

5)Eating DIVINE ice cream!!

Thanks for inspiring me to write all the things I love about today!
xoxoxoxo Melanie your SIL