Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life this week

This past week was a frenzy of activity and excitment. Kev and I are slowly adjusting back to our crazy work schedules, Harry had a week of fun activities at school and Sam, well as most 3 year olds have to do, tagged along for the ride! We had our first Summer BBQ and hike. The mosquitos were out in force but apart from that, the hike was very pleasant. I have been trying to make bread and while it is ok, it is still not how I like it. I am going to try letting it rise longer and see if that helps. I also have a couple of projects on my knitting needles at the moment which I will hopefully be able to share with you soon.
On the weekend we had a lovely visit from Alex. She stayed almost the entire weekend and the boys just loved it. They were using their lively imaginations and playing very hard. This seemed to be the biggest winner for the weekend, the old sprinkler in the yard trick....priceless.
On Friday night we had another visitor, Princess Arwynn. She came with Grandma, Grandpa and Nanna to watch the final of the hockey. Arwynn didn't like the hockey much but she loved playing with the big kids and Nanna. She found Harry's backpack and was good to go. She is so cute.
Oh and Caitlin, we had yet another visitor this weekend, however this one was not invited. Uncle Kevin tells me that this visitor did not stay very long at all as he was very frightened and just wanted to go back to his mountain home. Can you guess who it was?

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Michelle said...

Sprinklers, and BBQ, and bears, oh my!!

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time :-) Such great pictures!

Thanks so much for visiting me, and your very kind words. They really meant a lot!